Thailand’s National Mangrove Day 2024

On the promising occasion of Thailand’s National Mangrove Day 2024, we were privileged to witness the gathering of distinguished guests, including the Deputy Prime Minister, also serving as the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, the Director General of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the Governor of Krabi, and the President of Krabi Provincial Administrative Organization.
Joined by Wongpanit Krabi CO., LTD. Wongpanit Krabi and OCYCO, alongside 198 local communities from Southern Thailand and one from Rayong, we collectively reaffirmed and reiterated our commitment to sustainability across communities, societies, and economies.
During this important gathering, we had the privilege of sharing our insights and experiences, gained through years of dedicated effort, with all the attendees, from Dr. Seksan Udomsri. Together, we discussed our ongoing support for over 20,000 community members along the Andaman and Ao-Thai Coastline.

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