Wongpanit Krabi is a recycling company specialized in collecting and recycling plastics and other waste materials by sorting, compressing and shredding into bales and flakes, respectively before delivering to different manufactures as raw materials. The main goal of the company is to fight environmental pollution and support the concept of a circular economy. We work and coordinate with local communities, municipalities, recyclers, local enterprises/people, schools and volunteers, to whom we buy wastes from (plastics, papers, glass bottles, aluminum, iron etc). One of our main activities is to collect ocean and ocean-bound plastics along the Andaman coastal areas and transform into bales and flakes.

Quality Certificate

1.Printed Screen PET

Printed screen PET flake


2.Clear PET

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) : water bottles


3.Blue-White PET

Light blue PET : water bottles


4.Mixed color PET

PET flakes mixed color ; soft drink bottles


5.Cap (LDPE+HDPE) (Mixed color)

Bottle Caps (High-density Polyethylene : HDPE)


6.Transparent PP (White)

Polypropylene (PP) flake ; sugar cane bottles, milk bottles, kitchenware, yogurt containers

7.Polaris (mashed)

From drinking water bottles, milk bottles, opaque white bottles

8.HDPE 3 (White)(Thick)

Polyethylene (PE) ; Polalis Gallon Water 20L

9.Blowing Plastic (mashed)

Obtained from these plastics by blowing.